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The Unparalleled Extent of Shakespeare’s Borrowings

How We Know Shakespeare Borrowed Thousands of Lines and Passages from North (A Response to Ros Barber)

Shakespeare Adapted North’s Plays (Introduction)

How We Know Sir Thomas North Wrote Henry VIII

Sir Thomas North, Macbeth, and Arden of Faversham in 1592

How We Know Sir Thomas North Wrote Richard II

Introduction to Shakespeare’s Borrowings of Sir Thomas North


Examples from the English Histories:

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Examples from the Roman Tragedies:

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Examples from the Non-Roman Tragedies:

Examples from the Comedies and Romances:

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Borrowed Lines and Echoes:

“These examples of North’s language throughout the Shakespeare canon represent the most substantial collection of unique verbal fingerprints ever gathered in support of author identification.”

Thomas North’s Writings in the Shakespeare Canon
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